Deadpool 2 Movie Review – It has its moments but lacks the balance of the original

I had initially thought that I will write a spoiler free review but after watching the film, I don't think it is a big task. There is not much substance in Deadpool 2 so treading around key plot points without revealing them is like a walk in the park.  The film starts a little after... Continue Reading →

Raazi Movie Review – Meghna Gulzar outshines everyone in this spy thriller

It was heartening to see a full house for a film like Raazi. One, because it has a female lead, Two, because there is no other big name from mainstream Bollywood and Three, because Badshaah, Honey Singh or Guru Randhawa have had no hand in the music (so no remixes or dance nos. to push... Continue Reading →

Growing up with Cinema

My journey with films started in 1987 when my parents took me to the theater for the first time . They had purposely bought tickets to the night show because it would be easy to manage with a 3 yr old when he is asleep. As soon as the screen lit up I got up... Continue Reading →

Its the little things…

People watch films for entertainment and praise some of them a great deal. But do they really embrace them or learn from them? Just to clear the air, this article is not about films, its purpose is very different. I want to talk about a particular instance from a film that inspired me a great... Continue Reading →

I hate my job! Don’t you?

Over the years a thought has come to my mind countless times but somehow I never got around to writing about it. How many people do we meet who say "I am satisfied with my job", one or two in a lifetime. Today a job is where we spend more time than even our home.... Continue Reading →

Movie Review – The Amazing Spiderman 2

Here we are, exactly 10 years after Spider-Man 2, witnessing The Amazing Spider-Man 2. For me, Spider-Man 2 was really the highest point for superhero films till Nolan came along and showed a different side to this genre with The Batman trilogy. So it is safe to say that the highest point was way out of... Continue Reading →

Marvel Redefines Synergies

Marvel Studios has made it a habit of churning out huge money spinning blockbusters but it was not as easy as it looks. Marvel started as co-producers on Spiderman and X-Men movies, with Columbia and Fox Studios owning the rights. However, there were other forgettable co-productions like Elektra, Daredevil and Blade (which was not as bad as... Continue Reading →

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