Mettle & Metal? One Damn Entertaining Bout

Giant robots one on one in the ring, bashing each other up. Sounds interesting?? Trust me, its even more interesting than it sounds and on top of that there is Hugh Jackman which makes this a complete popcorn entertainer.

The story is not special with Hugh Jackman playing a finished up boxer who now lives in a trailer and earns his living by controlling a robot in any match-up with money in it, even if its against a bull. His life changes when his ex-wife dies and his stubborn son insists on travelling with  him. Things become  more interesting when the kid finds a old robot in a scrap yard and brings it  home.

The second half is lifted by awesome fight scenes and not to forget the dance of the kid and the robot. It is one of those moments that is very  rare in a action flick and hence Real Steel shows a little more depth than a regular action movie. It can be said that the story is kind of like Big Daddy meets Rocky, only in this case the David vs Goliath match-up is between two robots.

The final fight between Atom and Zeus is almost identical to the final fight between Rocky Balboa and Apolo Creed. Atom has the capacity to take hits just like Rocky. Come to think of it, I don’t think there was any boxer in the entire Rocky  series who got hit as much as Rocky himself. Over here that honor goes to  Atom, the perennial underdog who is only a fighting robot. Everyone loves an underdog triumph and this one will be no different as  your hearts will instantly fall for Atom.

The people who are going for the film thinking that they will get to see transformer like action, well that’s just not how this one is. The  problem with the action of Transformer franchise is that especially during the climax, one can’t make out who is fighting who, leave alone understand who is actually winning. In Real Steel the action even though outrageous is still very cultured. The double handed upper-cut and the flying punch to the face of Zeus are surely going to get the audiences to go crazy  and cheer for Atom.

Real Steel makes for an entertaining viewing experience all throughout so if you are still wondering which movie to watch  this week go for this. For those who have an IMAX near by I suggest you catch this one there to amplify  the experience.

Rating: 3.5/5

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