Swank, Bold Aur Genuine

The three adjectives used above not only describe the film but also describe the three main protagonists. Jimmy is looking stylish, Mahi Gill is bold and saucy and Randeep Hooda shows that he has what it takes to deliver if given the right roles. No doubt the cast of Saheb Biwi and Gangster deserve a big applause but the one who gets a standing ovation is Tigmanshu Dhulia for his fine direction, tight script and superb dialogues.

Tigmanshu Dhulia already has to his credit the cult favorite Haasil(2003) and the recently released, crowd pleasing thriller Shagird (2011). With SBG he proves once again that you do not need a big star to make a good film, all  you need is a good script and the skill for story telling, both of which are rare in Hindi cinema these days. This one starts with a relevant prop appearing against the name of each of the lead cast members during the titles, which gives a hint towards what’s in store. The bar is taken higher by the song Jugni playing in the background. In fact through out the film, the background score plays a vital role in building  the mood.

Dialogues are most definitely the highlight of the film, hitting the spot one after the other. Some of the most memorable ones are “Jisko Marwa rahe ho usko dost toh mat bolo”, “Woh toh ek jagah hai, jo usmein rehti hai woh cheez hai”, “Do gaali sunani hai, zyada time nahin lagega” I can go on and on. This is not a surprise because Tigmanshu Dhulia has always used great dialogues to lift his films. One of my all time favorite dialogues is from the film Haasil, “Itna bhi nazrein jhuka ke na chala kijiye, Sirf sadak hi nazar aayegi aur ussi tarah ke log”.

For those who wanna go and watch the film just for Mahi Gill, I would say its not a bad idea. She looks stunning in most of the scenes with the odd crazy,  bland look thrown here and there. If I could take the liberty then I would say that a couple of scenes are eye popping, served ‘On The Rocks’ almost literally. Jimmy is damn good as the royal blood who has all the poise but no moolah, making it hard for him to stay a float.

The only thing that didn’t go down well with me is the last 3 mins or so. It was as if there was a hurry to finish of the film because there is no time for the climax to sink into the mind. Even then Sahib Biwi aur Gangster is damn good cinema, worth  every penny.

Rating – 3.25/5

4 thoughts on “Swank, Bold Aur Genuine

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  1. Bhatia..completely agree…ending is little bit abrupt…Dhulia can twist the ending in a better way as deepal shaw was remained standing there.i thought she will kill CHOTI RANI and herself becomes rani or sth like that and shows she is also MAUKATERIAN 🙂

    Waise title completely suits their personalities. Good one.

  2. gazab!!! shaitanbaadi.. bas ek jagah hai, jo usme rehti hai vo cheez hai.. hahahha.. what i liked the best was deepal shaw’s “ye pehle kia hota to haan bhi keh deti” 😀

  3. Hey, jus saw this one last night .. awesome movie .. simply loved every bit of it .. except the end where it seemed like they had no clue about how to end it.. highly recommended ..

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