Pappi stars for Tanu and Manu

Let me break the suspense and tell you at the very beginning, Tanu weds Manu is charming but its no Band Baaja Baraat. Tanu and Manu, both characters are endearing but you can’t relate to them like you could to Bitoo and Shruti. However, it won’t be fair to write this review based on a comparison, so I will refrain from doing that.

Tanu weds Manu is another romantic film with similar elements of comedy, dance and drama thrown in to make it a complete entertainer which it succeeds in to some extent.  The first half is breezy and entertaining, thanks mostly to an awesome performance (once again) by Deepak Dobriyal (Gulaal, Omkara, Shaurya) who is one of the most natural and talented actors in Bollywood right now. Small twists and some quirky dialogues  keep the audience interested till the end of the first half.

Sadly the first half ends at a point from where no matter what route the story takes, it would be a cliche.  The second half is predictable and hence feels like bit of a drag.  However, overall the film still gives you memorable moments and performances. Madhavan is wonderful as a simple NRI who doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and does it with a lot of restrain, not going over the top even once. This has actually been a feature of his acting through out his career, be it the mad and romantic Maddy or the stuck with engineering  Farhan. Kangana, who got a lot of PR for her looks in the film, acts the part for most of the film, but the character is just not digestible.

Other things which stood out in the film were a great support cast in the form of Jimmy Sheirgill, Eijaz Khan, Swara Bhaskar and the show stealer Deepak Dobriyal. And to complement all this was the heart of Kanpur, which was brought to life by a superb production design by Wasiq Khan.

Overall, Tanu Weds Manu is simple and charming film which is easy on the heart but a little easy on the head too.

Rating: 3/5


3 thoughts on “Pappi stars for Tanu and Manu

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  1. Bhai totally agree…Madhavan and Deepak urf Pappi at their best…bt lil disappointed by not showing sadi gali song in d movie…well written …keep up d same..:):)

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